Blaine Kamalani Kia


“Kū I Ka Mana ‘Ai”

Feed the knowledge as a parent to a child

Blaine Kamalani Kia, the original Founder of Na Mea Ho‘okani, was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai‘i with an education profile in music, business and Hawaiian culture. In the year 2015, he approached a dear musician friend and colleague, Weymouth Kamakana over lunch at Nico’s. He sought to gain Weymouth’s interest in starting a new movement of musicians for the betterment of providing more opportunities to Hawaii’s local industry and abroad. He agreed right away to join forces, and six months later, they invited Bryan Tolentino to come aboard. Bryan quickly accepted. “There was nothing out there to serve our industry in a way that includes ALL and not just a few,” opines Blaine. This is where the mission statement was conceived by the first three members of Na Mea Ho‘okani,




Mission Statement

Nā Mea Ho’okani shall build, form, and establish a legacy in traditional Hawaiian and Contemporary music for its future generations. Nā Mea Ho’okani shall perpetuate and sustain its belief system of Hawaii’s diverse musical language and forms of communication through “culturally based” music education, spirituality, philosophy and stewardship for the betterment and preservation of Hawaii’s rich heritage in “mele” – the music!”


Much to their regret, Weymouth had to leave for personal reasons and with his blessing, Bryan and Blaine invited Danny Naipo who also immediately agreed to sit in as an executive in place of Weymouth Kamakana. Blaine Kia reminisces: “I have a very strong place for Weymouth that remains in my spirit and think of him often. He is somewhat on board as a consultant and I keep him updated. I respect the ‘beginning’. Bryan, Danny and I are working hard to see this through! It’s needed and necessary for the generations to come.” In addition to Na Mea Ho‘okani, the following are Blaine Kia’s business and spiritual endeavors:


  • A Hawaiian Consulting and Entertainment Company known as KIA Enterprises LLC. with credentials spanning over thirty years in the business. Cultural Consultant as Kumu Hula & Founder.
  • Practicing Kahu (Hawaiian spiritual leader) taking on this responsibility, performing Hawaiian blessings and protocols, widely accepted by both private and public industries.
  • Kumu Hula (Hula Teacher). Consultant for 14 hula halau (schools of hula) in Hawaii and organizations across 5 countries.
  • Accomplished screen actor with several major motion pictures and television series to his credit: Current body of work includes services as a Hawaiian consultant on many motion picture films, TV series and national commercials, such as the current Hawaii Five-0 and the recent Princess Ka’iulani Film.
  • Well-known entertainer, singer/musician with 6 CD releases and producer of Hawaiian entertainment holding several prominent state-wide awards , such as the “Keep It Hawaii” awards.


In 2013, Hawaii’s Blaine Kia received the prestigious ELLISON S. ONIZUKA memorial award from the National Education Association of America (NEA) and the Human & Civil Rights of America (HCR), in Atlanta, GA, for his achievements in the Asian/Pacific Minority category of credited accomplishments in the cultural arts.   Blaine Kamalani Kia is happily married and credits much of his achievements and accomplishments to his family – wife, Kaleonani, two daughters Lei’opualani and Mahiehielehua, and son, Kikaukahananui, whom are ALL a son and daughter of Kamehameha Schools. He is a charismatic leader who roots for the Hawaiians, loves his culture, has a passion to pass it on so that it can be preserved with a sense of pride and celebration in future generations. That same desire is encompassed in music…in Na Mea ‘Hookani (The Musicians).