Kalei Kahalewai

“Music is the language of the universe.”

Kalei Kahalewai is an established musician here in Hawaii, playing music professionally for more than 30 years. Growing up in a musical family in Palolo Valley, Kalei has explored many musical genres, but over the years, settled on performing mostly Hawaiian and reggae music with bands such as Roots Odyssey, Ka`ala Boys, Kamalu, and Kamanawa with Blaine Kia.

He first started his musical journey with a group called Tropical Wine back in 1987. With this group, he honed his skills at places such as Moonglow Lounge, Oasis Night club, Monterey Bay Canners, Jubilee Nightclub and Malia’s Cantina. He also began playing in Waikiki with the Ka`ala Boys at hotels such as the Sheraton Waikiki, Princess Ka`iulani and Moana Surfrider.

In 1999, he explored his reggae side when he formed a band with Tyson Chun and Kaula Naluai called Roots Odyssey. They performed all over Oahu at places such as World Café , Don Ho’s Bar and Grill, Pier Bar and Pipeline Café as well as outer islands. Roots Odyssey also opened up for international reggae acts such as Big Mountain and Ky-Mani Marley. They recorded a CD in 2000 called “Moving Forward” featuring almost all original reggae music, soon becoming one of the top concerrt bands in Hawaii. They still perform at places like Mai Tai’s regularly untill this day.

Kalei’s voice is especially soothing, blending beautifully well with others such as his performance in Kamanawa, singing in crisp harmony wirh Blaine Kia. One commentary says:

“The guitar stylings of Kia, along with the rhythmic tempo of Kahalewai make for unmatched and unparalled music unity. They describe themselves as different as night and day but their music comes together as a balanced coordinated piece that belie their contrasting personalities.”

They have just recently recorded a CD entitled “Huaka’i Ku’u Poli”, with a nice mix of originals and classic Hawaiian songs. God willing, Kalei will always play music, making people happy for as long as he can.